Posted on November 10th, 2013

What is Primary Dystonia?

This is a very disabling neurological condition where there is excessive contraction and severe, agonising and excrutiating pain in the muscles and whole body every day. In layman terms Primary Dystonia is cross between Cerebal Palsy and Parkinson.

Certain Brain Specialists in the world who we have personally seen with Leanna and Bethany feel very strongly that Immunization (Triple Antigen) MMR injections has been the Cause of Leanna and Bethany’s severe, and life threatening medical problems from early in their life.

What parts of the body does Primary Dystonia affect?

Movements are unable to be normally controlled, the limbs become extremely stiff and the whole body is severely twisted into abnormal postures.

The story so far

To view the story of the Mills sisters click here.

Plans for Leanna and Bethany design disability home.

The plans will be up on the website shortly – be sure to check back.

Urgent Financial Help Needed!!!

Travelling to a Neurology Hospital called Hopital Gui De Chauliac in Montepellier “France” two or three times a year is very stressful on Leanna and Bethany’s health and wellbeing and our family let alone the enormous cost (In the Thousands each time) so we can keep doing this travel year after year after year. If we do not travel to Montpellier Hospital every time when we need to, Leanna and Bethany would die, as specialists in this hospital in Montpellier have the most experience in Children with Primary Dystonia, and also with a delicate and major operation called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).

Australian Brain Specialists have no or very little experience with children with this medical condition. The USA, England Specialists can not help us, only France Brain Specialists have the most experience in this field of medicine, and only France Specialists can keep both Leanna and Bethany alive and breathing. The Australian Government does help, BUT as always there is no guarantee when we need to get back to France for medical help for Leanna and Bethany that the government will be there to help.

Both Leanna and Bethany are the only children in Australia with this medical system called (DBS) inserted in their frail body for their certain unique medical problem, which keeps them alive every day, but no guarantees.

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